Inner-swell Electric and Pneumatic Pipe Groover


• Electric Style: ISE-30, 80, 150, 150(New Model), 252-1, 252-2, 352-1, 352-2, 630-1, 630-2

• Pneumatic Style: ISP-80, 150, 252-2, 352-1, 352-2, 630-1, 630-2

• Easy and quick installation, the swelling mechanism will automatically locate center itself after inserting into pipe.

• The machine can not only be applied to beveling process for the U.V welding line of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloyed steel pipes, also can process for the welded convex and plain flange.

• It has advantages of good quality of beveling, fast speed, easy operation, the cutting quantity can be adjusted and the beveling angel can be optional between 0°~37°.




This machine is widely used. It process not only welding line of U.V type of pipe, but  also can process the welded convex and plain flange. Knife shelf is marked scale rule, optional angle. It is equipped with automatic feeding unit. Operation is easy and convenient.


• Beveling Range: ф150-352mm

• Cutting Thickness: 15-75mm

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