Out-clamp Electric and Pneumatic Pipe Groover


• Beveling Range: Φ65-1500mm

• Electric Style: OCE-159, 230, 300, 450, 600, 750, 840, 1050, 1160

• Pneumatic Style: OCP-159, 1160

• Can be used for cutting groove process of different size pipes, pressure vessel and steam generator safely and quickly.

• Can be used for pipe process of different level carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys.

• The cold cutting process will not influence the quality of the material of the pipes.

• Can be equipped at any place on the pipeline quickly and steadily.

• Mounting in one time can be used for cutting and beveling. Both electric and pneumatical drive can be adopted for wide usage.




This machine is specially designed for installation of big diameter pipe of nuclear power, oil, gas and furnace factory, etc. Optional angle and automatic feeding unit. It greatly improves quality of welding.


• Beveling Range: ф1050-1160mm

• Cutting Thickness: 6-25mm

• Rotational Speed: 4r/min

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